The key players…

IMG_1763Dan, AKA  “Sweet Hubby”.   He’s been mine, and I’ve been his, for over a quarter of a century.  That’s just crazy.  He still makes my heart skip a beat when he walks into the room.  He’s the Regional Director for the Americas at Extreme Response.  His heart for the people that we serve is huge.  If you need him, and he’s not off meeting with big-wig government officials, he’s probably at the city dump rocking babies.  He’s just that cool.

Daniel.  He’s our firstborn.  He was a good one to practice on, since he came into the world as an old soul.  Wise beyond his years.  He loved his life in Ecuador, and now he loves his life in the US.  He’s a movie guru, theater buff and famous radio personality in the town of Marion, Indiana.  His first language is sarcasm.  He also speaks fluent Spanish and passable French.  He’s someone you should get to know.

Heather.  Our first baby girl.  She wore so many ruffles and bows as a baby that now just the sight of them gives her the screamin’ meemies.  She lives joyfully.  She loves to sing and to dance, especially in the kitchen with her sister.  Her tender heart has loved on babies in the dump, little ones in the jungle and elderly people at the nursing home.  When she loves you, she loves you with her whole self.   If she walks into the room, she brightens your day.  To know her is to love her.

Kristina.  Our youngest baby girl.  “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”  She came into the world determined to make it a better place.  Small children, elderly people, puppies, kittens…if you look like you need love, she’s there.  She’s feisty.  She doesn’t go with the flow unless she sees a good reason to!  Her Spanish is impeccable.  She lives and loves passionately.  The world is her oyster.  She takes time to get to know, but it’s so worth it.

Patrick, AKA “The Black-Eyed Pea.”  Our baby.  He came into our lives at a most crazy time, and his sweet, gentle, “go-with-the-flow” personality just settled there and took it all in.  His favorite person from the very beginning has been his Daddy, and he is never happier than when they are doing something together.  He has a contagious laugh and an infectious personality.  He has never met anyone who didn’t fall in love with him immediately.  Get to know him and you’ll understand why!


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