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The View from the Mountaintop


Extreme Response exists “to meet the needs of men, women and children living in extreme, often life-threatening situations.”  When I think of a life-threatening situation, I think of things like children not being vaccinated against diseases that could take their lives, or consuming food and drink that is filled with bacteria.  There is, however, another reality to “life-threatening.”  It is living in a situation where abuse is a daily occurrence, having to provide for children with little or no resources, and having no support of any kind from anywhere.


Women bear the brunt of poverty.  When there are no skills…no money…no food…they are ultimately held responsible by society.  And they hold themselves responsible.  We as mothers want what’s best for our children, and when we can’t provide for even their most elemental needs, it tears at our very souls.


For some time, we at Extreme Response have…

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